January 19, 2006

The Chronicle responds...

There's no news on this race, as far as I can find. So let's keep going with what seems to be growing as a story...

The Chronicle is continuing to stand completely behind a flawed poll that has been widely criticized by bloggers and two national pollsters. Today, National Journal's Blogometer noticed the story.

Chronicle reader rep James Campbell has posted on the controversy, but in a way that suggests that he really doesn't understand the problems and flaws of the poll (link via BlogHouston).

Meanwhile, LST publishes an email that conservative radio talker Edd Hendee sent in response to an email from Dr. Murray. I'm glad Dr. Murray is responding to Hendee, because both Dr. Stein, Dr. Murray, and Kristen Mack have ignored my emails.

I'm not sure why the Chronicle continues to stand by parts of a poll that are simply meaningless. For the Chronicle's sake, let's hope they issue a correction soon.

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