January 18, 2006

People talking about the Chronicle's DeLay/CD22 poll -- including on national cable

** David Benzion at Lone Star Times breaks the news that Dr. David Hill will be on "Special Report with Brit Hume" tonight on Fox News Channel at 5pm Texas time to talk about the poll. Hill's interview has already been filmed, and Benzion was present for the interview, so he previews it.

Dr. Hill has a very good national reputation as a pollster, so it will be very interesting to see how he views the piece.

** Benzion also prints an email from Chronicle opinion editor James Gibbons, in which Gibbons appears to accept on blind faith assurances that the Chronicle's poll was reasonable. Given the number of people who are providing reasonable criticisms of the poll, it seems to me that the Chronicle editors ought to look into the poll themselves.

** National pollster Chris Wilson of Wilson Research Strategies criticized the survey's methodology and resulting coverage on KSEV yesterday.

** Sedosi thinks the Chronicle relies too much on Dr. Stein as their "house expert."

** Chris Elam (whose blog has been newly christened Texas Safety Forum) has had a few posts on this poll since even before the results were released.

Have I missed anyone? If you've written on this poll, let me know.

UPDATE: It wasn't on Special Report with Brit Hume tonight. I don't know why.

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