March 07, 2006

Primary Results

Results tonight: GOP, Dem

In case you are a true junkie, here are the results for each county in the district:
Brazoria Dem, GOP
Fort Bend Dem, GOP
Galveston (to come, the direct links are not live yet, but they will be here)
Harris Dem, GOP

EDIT: Timestamp updated to move to top of the page.

UPDATE: DeLay 60%, Baig 5%, Fetland 7%, and Campbell 29% in early voting for Fort Bend. This probably augurs well for DeLay.

UPDATE 2: DeLay 80%, Campbell 16% in Harris County. However, turnout was 2 times heavier in Fort Bend, so DeLay's lead is probably around 65% right now. Early returns seem to indicate that DeLay has outperformed expectations though.

UPDATE 3: So far, the election day results are pretty close to early voting, with DeLay maybe a point or two behind early voting results.

UPDATE 4: With 190 of 216 precincts reporting, DeLay has 62%, Campbell has 30%, Fjetland has 5%, and Baig has 3%.

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