March 19, 2006

Primary foes won't endorse DeLay

Savodnik and Barr in the Hill:

The three Republicans who unsuccessfully challenged Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) in a recent primary either are saying they will not endorse him in the general election or are waiting to make up their minds.

Some political observers believe the lack of unity among Texas Republicans could hamper DeLay’s effort to retain his seat and question DeLay's decision to lambaste his primary opponents soon after beating them earlier this month.


Tom Campbell, the environmental attorney who came in second in the primary, said that DeLay has a "problem with his base" and that he has yet to decide whether he will endorse DeLay.
Baig and Fjetland said they won't vote for DeLay.

I believe I recall Campbell saying during the primary that he voted for DeLay in 2004, but decided that it was the last time.

So it's not good for DeLay, but it's hardly unexpected that his challengers aren't endorsing him.

There are 8 long months between the primary and general elections in Texas. That's a long time, unlike in Florida where only 2 months seperate the general and primary. So that works in DeLay's favor a bit.

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