February 22, 2006

Sometimes, I get lazy:

Ex-NOAA Gen. Counsel Tom Campbell (R) will release his third TV ad today, in which "he pledges not to go negative in the campaign, despite" the "attacks being made" on him by Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX). In the ad, while Campbell acknowledges that DeLay "has done some good things" in Congress, he also argues that with DeLay's "personal and legal problems and the threat of further disclosures hanging over his head, he simply can't be effective in Washington." A Campbell consultant described the ad buy in the "tens of thousands," and noted it will be run locally on CNN and Fox.

DeLay spokesperson Shannon Flaherty "dismissed Campbell's assertions" in the ad as "resorting to Democratic attacks to just get some attention." Flaherty, on Campbell: "He has very little support here in the district and very few people know who he is."

Meanwhile, according to Flaherty, DeLay is "actively encouraging supporters to vote early," and is sending out 3 separate mailings this week to GOP voters "highlighting his anti-abortion rights record, his support for gun rights and his commitment" to the GOP philosophy of tax cuts and budget reform. Flaherty: "While [Campbell] is still trying to introduce himself to Republican primary voters in his home county, Congressman DeLay is already targeting folks who have supported him and getting them to the polls" (Preston, "Morning Grind," CNN.com, 2/21).
That's from The Hotline.

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