February 08, 2006

Money, Money, Money

Tom DeLay
Raised 894,246
Spent 612,823
Cash on Hand 1,445,433

Nick Lampson
Raised 759,563
Spent 157,274
Cash on Hand1,291,554

Tom Campbell
Raised 58,054
Spent 4,674
Cash on Hand 53,380

No numbers from Pat Baig.

Hotline excerpts:

Ex-NOAA General Counsel Tom Campbell (R) raised $58K -- "almost all of it from his own pocket" -- in the final week of '05, and said he has raised "twice as much since he closed the books" for '05. Campbell, who is expecting to spend $400K in his bid to unseat Rep. Tom DeLay (R), is also counting on more contributions "from disaffected voters." Thus far, Campbell has contributed $51.5K of his own money to his campaign, and has spent about $5K. Campbell, on raising money: "It's easier than expected. There are a lot of people that are fed up with what's going on in Washington right now. I actually had a fellow come to my door with a $250 check that I hardly knew. ... He thought I was [a] credible candidate, and was against Mr. DeLay." DeLay is also facing two other candidates who are considered "long shots," unlike Campbell, who has a respectable GOP resume and worked in the Bush 41 admin. "Frequent" candidate/atty Mike Fjetland (R) has raised $34,270 so far, of which $20K was personally contributed by Fjetland, and has $2,170 CoH (Gamboa, AP, 1/31).

Dems taunted Rep. Tom DeLay (R) on 2/1 "for managing only a bare fundraising lead over" ex-Rep. Nick Lampson (D), and GOPers "countered that the challenger has kept pace only with help from Hollywood liberals such a Barbara Streisand." New campaign reports show DeLay raised $880K in the 4thQ, while Lampson raised $759K and has $1.3M in the bank. DeLay's camp was referring to $1K donations from Streisand and actor/director Rob Reiner. DeLay spokesperson Shannon Flaherty: "It sounds like Lampson's running more to represent the Screen Actors Guild than the 22nd." Lampson manager Mike Malaise suggested DeLay's fundraising was "nothing to brag about" (Gillman, DMN, 2/2).

Campbell has raised $150k ($51k of which was his own money) by the end of January by his own account. I don't see how he's going to spend his goal of $400k, when the primary is only four weeks away.

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