February 22, 2006

Bob Perry paid for pro-DeLay, anti-Soros ad

Samantha Levine and Kristen Mack have this in the Chronicle:

Houston homebuilder Bob Perry is the sole funding source for a $200,000 TV advertising campaign that supports Rep. Tom DeLay and criticizes Democratic financier George Soros.

Perry, a longtime Republican donor, gave the entire amount that the conservative Committee for Free Enterprise used on the 30-second spot, according to spokesman Anthony Holm. The committee, rather than Perry, is identified in the ad as the sponsor.

"Mr. Perry felt the truth needed to be told and this was the best vehicle to do so," Holm said. "Mr. Perry believes Tom DeLay has done an excellent job protecting jobs, NASA, and our borders. He spent it as the result of the several unjustified attacks on Tom DeLay."


Perry, a close friend of President Bush's top political aide, Karl Rove, has given millions to Texas GOP candidates, including DeLay.

Perry and his wife, Doylene, each contributed $5,000 late last year to DeLay's legal defense fund.


Soros spokesman Michael Vachon said, "Tom DeLay must be pretty desperate if he's trying to blame George Soros for his troubles."

The ad says Soros has bankrolled efforts to defeat DeLay and President Bush and supports "legalizing drugs, letting felons vote and keeping the death tax."
It never looks particularly good to voters when one donor paid for the entire campaign of an outside ad. But if it serves to further polarize the electorate, then it might be good for DeLay and bad for Lampson.

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