January 04, 2006


1. The Fort Bend Sun covers Tom Campbell's announcement. Headline reads: "Tom Campbell, an attorney who worked in President George H.W. Bush's administration, has announced that he will run against U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay for the District 22 seat in the House of Representatives."

2. The Clear Lake Citizen covered Lampson's announcement:

Before his announcement, Lampson, a lifelong resident of Beaumont, spoke about his wish to make his run a non-partisan candidacy.

"It's not about right or left - but moving forward," he said.

Lampson insists his opponent's current difficulties will not play a part in the campaign and plans to instead concentrate on his own political agenda.

"It isn't about voting against DeLay," he said.

Mike Malaise, a spokesperson for Lampson, emphasized the candidate's wish to highlight the core issues in spite of the media's inevitable focus on DeLay.

"DeLay's ethical problems are something that always comes up, something we're always asked about, especially when there's media showing up," he said. "He (Lampson) may touch on this issue but that's certainly not going to be the focus of his entire speech, he's going to give very specific policy issues on which he's running."

Lampson counted fiscal responsibility at the top of the list in his agenda.

"I think we have seen a great deal of wasteful spending occur under my opponent's leadership while he was majority leader in the House of Representatives," Lampson said.

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