January 09, 2006

Out and about in Sugar Land

Jason Embry's take on DeLay in the Statesman:

Mention U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay to Rich and Jill Maynard, and you won't initially hear about money laundering or scandal-plagued lobbyists.

Instead, their first reaction is to credit the local congressman with helping expand U.S. 59, the key artery connecting this ever-growing suburb to Houston.

"That's what affects the citizens more," said Rich Maynard, who works in construction management for a homebuilder.

Now that DeLay, R-Sugar Land, has surrendered hopes of regaining his post as leader of the Republican majority in the U.S. House, his next major political test will be to persuade voters here in Fort Bend and three other counties to send him back to Congress for a 12th term.

Residents in DeLay's hometown expressed everything from steadfast support to downright disappointment to a wait-and-see indifference Sunday, largely depending on their own party preferences.

Several people said they had no opinions to share because they were unfamiliar with his case, and even some who have followed it said it isn't clear to them why he's in trouble.
The rest of the article is simply quotes that Embry collected around town.

This article amuses me. As I've mentioned, Harris County now makes up more of district 22 than Fort Bend County. Why are there no quotes from people in Clear Lake?

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