January 02, 2006

Disclaimer addendum

I've met both Tom DeLay and Mike Fjetland, but none of the other candidates.

I met Fjetland at Rice. He shook my hand as I walked into a debate between Orlando Sanchez, Chris Bell, and Lee Brown (although if memory serves, Lee Brown didn't show).

I met DeLay in DC during the summer of 2001. I was walking around the basement of one of the House office buildings with two friends. DeLay came charging out of the elevator, and one of my friends yelled, "hey, it's Tom DeLay!" so DeLay came over and introduced himself to us. He introduced himself, and talked to us for about 10 minutes, and then offered to put us in the Majority Whip's box in the House. We accepted, so he walked us over there. All in all, he probably spent 20-25 minutes with us, despite the fact that we weren't in his district, or even particularly close to it. Considering that the House was in session, I was surprised he was willing to waste that much time with three kids.

Of all the politicians I've met, DeLay was one of the easiest to talk to. So if you're one of those people who thinks is worth this is necessary for a disclaimer, then take that into account.

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