January 03, 2006

CD22 Demographics

This post is a bunch of basic information and demographics about the 22nd congressional district. I apologize for not presenting it in a more attractive way.

District 22 covers Fort Bend County, the top part of Brazoria, a bit into Galveston County and the southeastern portion of Harris County.

Major cities by population in CD22: Houston (109k), Sugar Land (63k), Pasadena (57k), Pearland (38k), Missouri City (33k), Deer Park (28k), La Porte (26k), Rosenberg (24k).

Voting Age Population in district by county / % of county's population in CD22: Harris (190k / 9%), Fort Bend (130k / 69%), Brazoria (40k / 25%), Galveston (34k / 21%).

Voting Age Population by County as % of CD22: Harris 48%, Fort Bend 33%, Brazoria 10%, Galveston 9%.

Voting Age Population by ethnicity: 63.2% Anglo, 9.3% black, 18.3% hispanic, and 9.3% "Other" (often meaning Asian).

12.9% had spanish last names in 2002, and that percent increased to 13.4% in 2004.

Composite scores:
2002: 65.9% Republican (composite)
2004: 62.8% GOP (composite)

Election results 2004:

Bush 64.4%
Kerry 35.6%

Delay 55.2%
Morrison 41.1%

Railroad Commissioner
Carillo 62%
Scarborough 38%

Texas Supreme Court
Brister 63.2%
Van Os 36.8%

Election Results 2002:
Cornyn 63.8%
Kirk 36.2%

Perry 66.7%
Sanchez 33.3%

Lieutenant Governor
Dewhurst 61.7%
Sharp 38.3%

Attorney General
Abbott 66.6%
Watson 33.4%

Rylander (now Strayhorn) 73.3%
Akins 26.7%

2000 election results:
Bush 67.2%
Gore 32.8%

Hutchison 72.4%
Kelly 27.6%

1998 election results:
Bush 76.3%
Mauro 23.7%

Lt Gov
Perry 59.2%

58.6% Native Texan
14% Foreign Born
25.5% Don't Speak English at home
10.2% Moved to Texas since 1995
7.3% of the district is 65+
32.5% have graduated from college

Per capita income: $25,000
7.3% of population living in poverty
15.5% of the district is on Social Security (low)
1.4% of the district is on welfare (low)

4.8% less than $10k household income
12.2% 10k-25k household income
24.8% 25k-50k household income
58.1% 50k+ household income

53.6% of housing is worth 100k+

94.2% of of the district lives in an "urban" area

.1% is currently in the armed forces (relatively low)

You'll note that Harris County is now 48% of CD22, so the district is no longer guaranteed to be represtented by a native of Fort Bend County (only 33%). This is interesting, because I believe that all of the people who have filed in CD22 are claiming Fort Bend as home.

CD22 is basically a normal Texas suburban district. When you split up CD22's employment into general categories (eg, mining, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, finance, etc), then CD22 is close to the state average in almost all of these, except that not much of CD22 is agricultural. That's not surprising, of course, because the majority of the district is very clearly suburbs.

CD22 is a diverse, growing middle-class suburban district with a high rate of home ownership.

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